The Making of an Actress: Small Town to Hollywood


Photo Credit: Udo SpreitzenbarthCelebrity Stylist & Makeup Artist: Ty-Ron Mayes


My journey to LA alone was a life-changing experience for me. I am from a minuscule town in Upstate New York, constantly surrounded by trees and wild life, consisting of only about 3,000 people. I said goodbye to everyone at my school of 300, and they wished me luck — as the thought of someone from our tiny town adventuring to a city like Los Angeles simply blew them away. Stuff like this doesn’t happen to people from my area. 

The plane ride was an excursion — 2 hours on one plane, and then 6 1/2 on the next. Watching the cities we flew over increase in size as we flew across the country simply astounded me. I sat on the plane, updating my resumes and flipping through my Exxcel portfolio, looking over how much my career had progressed within the last 12 months. Just over a year ago, I sat at home, dreaming of walking runways and gracing the silver screen, and now — thanks to Exxcel — I was on my way to LA, the capital of the entertainment industry! Looking out the window of the 737, I was watching my greatest dreams come true with each passing town.


The view of Los Angeles from the plane was simply breathtaking. In all my years, I don’t think I had ever seen so many lights. I watched the millions of cars speed down the famous

Photo Credit: Udo SpreitzenbarthCelebrity Stylist & Makeup Artist: Ty-Ron Mayes

highway 101 and twinkles dance from every house, building, and skyscraper. The amount of people in one area was incredible! Going from having to drive 30 minutes just to get to a grocery store to seeing this incredible population was an experience like no other.

Our plane landed and my dad and I set foot on the ground in LA. We were instantly surrounded by warmth, people, and palm trees. We picked up our car, found our rental house, and settled in, as if we were in our home away from home. It was then that I realized LA is where I belong.