Wesley Ferrer: Professional Boxer

Photo Credit: Udo SpreitzenbarthCelebrity Stylist & Makeup Artist: Ty-Ron Mayes




Wesley Ferrer didn’t always think he was going to be a professional boxer. At the age of 14 years old, he picked up his first pair of gloves at the playful encouragement of his uncle in the Dominican Republic. Shortly after, Wesley and his father moved to NYC where Wesley expressed interest in joining a local gym to begin boxing as a hobby. As soon as he threw his first, his father knew that he would be a champion. And that is where his training began.

At first, Wesley struggled. The harsh, physical demands of the sport, in addition to the time commitment to practicing and preparing for a fight, where hard to get used to. But under the training of his father, Wesley began generating a buzz around his career.

His first pair of golden gloves were won in 2009 at 16 years old, where he fought against 25-year-old William Moyet at Madison Square Garden. From there, he became undefeated in the professional boxing world.

Now, at 23, Wesley’s goal from here on out is to keep working hard to become a world champion. Through boxing, he wants to not only give his family a great life, but also inspire others through by telling his story.

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